New Series KAIBIRD HID Arrived

August 1, 2013
New KAIBIRD HID arrived

HID headlights were first offered in European luxury cars in the early 1990s and became very popular. As of 2011, xenon headlights were standard equipment on 7% of all European cars. Adoption of the technology in the United States has been much slower. HID headlights were first introduced in North America in 1995 on the Lincoln Mark VIII. The lights have remained optional equipment primarily in luxury cars, and as of 2011, halogen headlights are still used in most cars in America.

HID lamps are more energy-efficient than halogen lamps, producing three times the light output of a comparably-powered halogen lamp. Because of this increased output, xenon headlights can either be made smaller than halogen headlights, or a comparably-sized headlight can be used to produce a wider, brighter beam. KAIBIRD HID lamps offer a number of advantages,such as higher luminous efficacy, reduced heat output, quality complies to meet or exceed OE standard, long service life, range of output color selection and compatible with over 95% OE xenon systems. 

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