KAIBIRD Daytime Running Light for BMW F10 / F11


USD 335.00
Base TypeDRL
Features-Model specific,
 molding directly replace original grids

-Grids are made with similar material as OE in matte black, ready to install w/o painting
-Detachable LED module,
 allowing painting the grids to colour desired

Selective Functions:
- Stages selectable output schemes 
‚Äč  "Auto Dim Function"

- Direction singals synchron
- Optional DRL OFF triggering
  (such as when turning on fog lights)
ApplicationBMW 5 Series Sedan / Touring
F10 / F11 (2010 Onwards)
RemarksRequire M aerodynamic kit
Number of LED6 X 1 Watt
Length (mm)425
Width (mm)165
Height (mm)158
Weight (g)1230
Package Including:
2 x LED DRL modules attached to grids
1 x LED controller
1 x Wirings
5x Wire joining clips
1 x Instruction Manual
SKU Volts QTY Temperature Packing
DL-KB510M 12V 2 7000K Retail Box