KAIBIRD KBINT-19 Interior Lamp For BMW

Freshen up the appearance of your car with the KB Series modular LED Interior Light.
Experience the unprecedented visual stimulant.

USD 37.50
SeriesInterior Lamp
Base TypeBMW Proprietary
FeaturesError Free CANBus Build In
OE Plug & Play Fitment
Genuine SMD LED
Flexible Clip Fitment
Greater Compatibility
Inverted Diamond- Shape Dissuser
ApplicationBMW :
1 Series E81 / E82 / E87 / E87 Facelifted / E88
3 Series E46 / E90 / E90 Facelifted E91 /
E91 Facelifted / 
E92 / E92 Facelifted / E93 /
E93 Facelifted

X Series E53 / X5 /  E83 / X3 / X3 Facelifted / F25 / X3 / E84 / X1
Z Series E89 / Z4
Number of LED18
Length (mm)135
Width (mm)51
Height (mm)175
Weight (g)78
SKU Volts LED# Feature QTY Temperature Packing
KBINT-1900-70-BOX 12V 18 Error Free 1 7000K Retail Box